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A tiny 10ml diffuser. Hung on locally sourced leather cord, your choice of signiture scents will slowly diffuse through the wooden top. Sold in a gift box with instruction card.


Lasts 3-6 weeks, depending on placement and activity.

(Constantly open car windows would mean more movement and air and a quicker release for example.)


Once you are ready to use your diffuser, simply unscrew the top, remove the small plug, and screw the top back on. Tie your cords in place and gently swish the liquid around (not tipping it over) to wet the top and allow it to start diffusing.


Ideal for hanging from your rearview mirror, from a hanger in your wardrobe to scent your clothing or linens. Perfect for gifting and stocking fillers.


100ml Refill bottles available.

Car Diffuser

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